How Do I Find An Agent For My Children's Book

I now want to have this published. Some other resources to consider include QueryTracker free and paid versions and Duotrope.

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Most agency websites include lists of authors they represent as well as what bestsellers or critical hits theyve helped shepherd through the publishing process.

How do i find an agent for my children's book. Focus on sending agents and editors an excellent manuscript. Before you go spamming every agent you can find do your research. Many self-publishing childrens authors underestimate how much it costs to acquire proper illustrations.

Not only do many agents have member pages there but you can search the publishing deals database by genre category andor keyword to pinpoint the best agents for your work. An agents commission is earned for the life of a book there are some agents contracts that specify the copyright period of the book but this approach is not standard. If you leave an agent they will continue to receive royalty payments on your behalf for the books they handled and to pass through your earnings after deducting their.

The agent earns his or her 15 for the life of the book. But your quote will depend on a number of factors mainly the length of your book. Regina May 8 2018 at 1138 am Reply.

Either find an agent or submit to childrens book publishers who accept manuscripts directly from authors. If you are preparing to self-publish a picture book then you probably will need to find an illustrator and you can find tips in Hiring an Illustrator for Your Self-Published Picture Book The Book pg. Some websites include bios of the agents their particular interests if theyre open to inquiries and how theyd like to be approached.

Browse the SCBWI Illustrator Gallery to find artists who may work with you. I have written a book and song that has taught my 4 year old to spell words. Find an appropriate agent by nailing down your category and then pitching literary agents actively searching for writers and writing in that category.

Self Publishing – where you find a place to print your books and then sell them yourself. Look for books youve loved and names you recognize. Many agency websites list their roster of clients and books so you can see where your book might fit in.

By the way for even more categories check out the Categories links just below. The average cost to get a childrens book fully illustrated falls between 2000-6000. Thoroughly review the latest edition of the Childrens Writers and Illustrators Market and note every publisher who seems to fall into the.

If you decide not to hire an agent youll need to scour sources for publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts for childrens books. If you arent sure whether a publisher requires an agent or not check their submission guidelines to find out. Granted if your soul desire is to become a best-selling author then yes you do need an agent to get into the likes of Random House or McLelland and Stewart but in Canada many agents wont touch you unless you have a proven track record so its advantageous to start small get a book published by a smaller publishing house and then start the search for an agent.

Most Indie publishers will accept queries from authors directly. Take your writing one step further and tackle the publishing process. Young Adult Literary Agents.

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