How To Beat Cooking Fever Sports Bar Challenge

Play the casino immediately after you claim your Daily Income from restaurants. In each restaurant you are required to do kitchen and interior upgrades to help you complete the challenges.

A Comprehensive Cooking Fever Gems And Coins Farming Guide

Thanks to Duo KomÇa we now know that you can win 15 gems twice per day exactly every 12 hours apart in the casino.

How to beat cooking fever sports bar challenge. The Sports Bar offers flan at level 30 which is a bonus food that customers will. Players are given 87 hours to collect 15 puzzle pieces to form the image of a gem to win. The glazed sticks cooker is available starting on level 11 in the Sports Bar.

The minimum time a glazed sticks cooker will cook a glazed. If you have beaten the levels at 3 stars youshould be able to beat it without using cupcakes — especially so early in. Because there are so few coin-only upgrades it is best to focus on upgrading all.

Serve 25 sausage dishes. It costs 16500coin and 14gem to participate in the cooking fever challenge. If players fail a level Cooking Fever will give you a second chance to keep your current progress for 2.

And I can only imagine the challenges to get worse considering they seem to move from restaurant to restaurant if which you wont have fully upgraded. For each level you will have different challenges that will test your skills. Players have 15 seconds to decide if they want to keep their current level or return to Level 1.

The Sports Bar is unlocked on experience level 4. 41 rows Use this level guide to help develop your playing strategy. Upgrade all kitchen and interior items in the restaurant location to level 3.

Complete a level without. Cooking Fever 15 Level Challenge of Sirtaki Taverna Restaurant0124 LEVEL 60520 LEVEL 70958 LEVEL 81425 LEVEL 91855 LEVEL 10. Players must complete 15 special levels to win 30000coin and 30gem.

Beat The Special Level Challenge. Complete The Challenges For Each Level. They barely give you enough time to complete them.

Make sure to watch the video below if you want to see how to approach this difficult but highly rewarding time management game. This is a complete rip off. To start out the glazed sticks cooker only cooks one portion of glazed sticks.

A winning strategy is to start by cooking as much stuff as will fit on your tabletop. Place 500 bets until you get 15 gems. Return to the Cooking Fever – Ultimate Strategy GuidePizzeria Restaurant Strategy OverviewThe Pizzeria in Cooking Fever is definitely a little more of a challenge than other restaurants.

Once youve mastered these 3 steps in Cooking Fever then you should finally be prepared to take on the Fast Food Court challenge. It costs 5000 and 10 to open. Cooking Fevers Ice Cream Palor offers up wafer cones served with vanilla kiwi or chocolate ice cream and a variety of toppings.

Players have the option of upgrading the glazed sticks cooker to cook glazed sticks in less time and to cook more portions at once. Only cook items to replace things youre about to serve but do it. We completed this challenge and time to bulldoze the last few episodes.

Please like comment and subscribe to my channel for more videoscookingfever cookinggames 3stars upgradescookingfeverhk cookingfeveraddicts youtube in. Gonna get 3 Stars in all episodes in Cooking Fever. However each challenge may require a certain kitchen or restaurant upgrade so be sure to upgrade them according to the levels requirements.

Players will cook and serve sausages empanadas glazed sticks and almond drinks to waiting customers. There are different areas in the kitchen that you can upgrade such as the beverage dispenser kitchen tabletop main ingredient storage special food and the cooking area. It also costs 2 to restart a level.

How do you earn gems in cooking fever casino. There is no automated cooking machine so the tip or trick to p. A Cooking Fever Chal is occasionally offered in the game for a specific restaurant.

Then as customers request things start cooking the replacements before you serve whats on your tabletop. In a different twist instead of upgrading Interior items you will be upgrading fun outdoor items like a Water Scooter and Trampoline. Complete these challenges to the best of your abilities so that you can earn more rewards.

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