How To Care For Manduka Yoga Mat

Wet a clean cloth with water and squeeze out excess water. Cleaning the Manduka eKO Series yoga mat is just the same but use the Natural Rubber Mat Wash to clean both sides of the yoga mat with a cloth.

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Wipe clean with water and air dry in the sunshine.

How to care for manduka yoga mat. Manduka feels a responsibility to reduce global consumption and make high quality products that last longer. To clean a Manduka PRO Series yoga mat use a washcloth or sponge with Mandukas All-purpose Mat Wash and gently scrub the yoga mat on both sides. Lightly scrub with a soft brush cloth or sponge and then wipe clean with water and air dry.

Manduka supports community projects and organisations who believe in empowering people through giving the gift of yoga to improve communities worldwide. Hang to dry in the sunshine. Lets take a look at the features this mat has to offer.

Our yoga mat wash and care products clean naturally with organic essential oils. If you have a mat made from natural tree rubber. Please avoid using vinegar based cleaning solutions as they will dull any metallic and opalescent properties.

According to the Manduka website you should scrub the mat with a fifty-fifty mixture of water and organic cider vinegar solution If youre more of a quick and dirty type yogi Manduka Mat Renew is available for purchase. Whip up a natural solution We usually recommend a water-based organic all-purpose cleanser says Stacie Leavitt brand rep for Manduka mats. Hang the yoga mat to dry or lay it flat.

No matter how much you sweat The Manduka GRP delivers supreme traction. Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel Yogitoes Yoga Hand Towel eQua Yoga Mat Towel eQua Yoga Hand Towel A Guide to Yoga Towels Yoga Equipment Blocks Bolsters Straps Blankets A Guide to Props Mat Care Mat Wash Refresh Botanical Mat Cleaner Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore GRP Yoga Mat Restore A Guide to Mat Care Yoga Bags Carriers Yoga Mat Carriers. Our yoga mats and yoga products are crafted for high performance in any practice.

Without soaking or submerging use a Mandukas Yoga Mat Refresh for daily use to maintain a basic level of mat care. If youve ever tried a Manduka yoga mat you know that its a really great mat and that its made to last. How to Clean a Manduka PRO Mat To clean a Manduka PRO mat lightly scrub the mat with a soft brush cloth or sponge using Mandukas Yoga Mat Wash And Refresh.

Once a month apply a generous amount of Mandukas Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore over the entire surface paying close attention to any areas of decolorization. Manduka yoga mats apparel and accessories are designed by yogis and trusted by teachers worldwide. Designed by yogis and loved by teachers our design approach is rooted in principles of conservancy creating responsibly sourced products while minimising environmental waste.

The eKO Superlite mat is the cheapest Manduka mat at 45 followed by the entry-level Begin mat at 55. Light-weight meets heavy-duty in our all new GRP Lite hot yoga mat. Thats why were recommending it as the best Manduka yoga mat at the top of this article.

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat. Another trick is to sprinkle coarse sea salt over your mat scrub it down with a sponge and air dry in the sunshine Never thought of this but sounds good for a brand new mat. Its a natural rubber mat so its both environmentally friendly and also.

Pump foam onto damp cloth apply pressure and wipe down surface of your mat. The Lite versions of Manduka yoga mats range from 80-100. Use Mandukas GRP Yoga Mat Restore to condition clean and prevent buildup on the surface of your mat while maximizing the performance and lifetime of your mat.

We recommend using Manduka Mat Renew or any non-solvent household cleaner and a damp cloth or sponge. Keep your mat clean and fresh with Manduka yoga mat botanical cleaners restore and refresh. 1 variant s GRP Lite Hot Yoga Mat 4mm.

GRP Hot Yoga Mat 6mm. Available at Amazon Available in seven colors and two lengths 71 or 79 inches the PROlite mat offers stability and cushioning for any type of yoga. Manduka yoga mat cost.

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