How To Keep An Older Dog Healthy

Maintaining your dogs blood flow and joint fluid production is really important says Norris. Keeping your older dog comfortable.

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Somewhere quiet where they wont be disturbed in a soft cosy bed away from draughts.

How to keep an older dog healthy. Put a bath mat under their food and water bowl gives them traction and is easy to keep clean. Consider carpeting any steps your dog uses to keep them safe. Research also suggests that L-carnitine a vitamin-like compound made from amino acids found in.

Most people with pet dogs chose to keep them in the house with the family. They may need to go to the toilet more frequently. Kidney disease another common affliction of older dogs prompting them to produce copious amounts of dilute urine is most often detected during an.

At some point you may have to install a gate to keep them from using the stairs. A dog who could handle hanging outside all day on a chilly day will likely need a sweater when out and a bit more time inside with a bed close to the heater. Older dogs are not as steady on their feet.

Dogs entering old age may benefit from eating a food with less fat and fewer calories. Make a health plan. Helping your dog keep his body temperature up will help minimize joint and muscle stiffness and even help him stave off illnesses since his body wont be focused entirely on staying warm.

If an older dog has always been a big fan of fetch and you throw the ball super far hell put his whole heart into that game and could hurt himself doing what he loves Staubus explains. Offer your dog shelter. Make sure to continue regular exercise even if its cold or raining outside.

Make sure everything your dog needs is easily. Older dogs may need more rest. Pain management is a big part of keeping your older buddy active.

Vets often prescribe canine nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs for joint pain. Exercise remains beneficial for older dogs say both Dr Howard and Norris. If you do keep your dog outside provide an insulated dog house warm bedding for cold.

While frequent play walks and time in the dog park are all great for an older dogs mental and physical health toning down the types of games you engage him in can reduce the risk of an injury. Incontinence or changes in how often they go to the toilet should be discussed with your vet.

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