How To Make A Doorway Pull Up Bar

Distance against the wall. First get the distance from the floor to the top of the frame then the distance from both sides of the door frame.

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Of course this step will vary depending on the style of pull up bar you choose to design.

How to make a doorway pull up bar. If you are mounting the structure this should be the next step. Mark the ends of the inside of the ends of your pull up bar with a pencil for future reference. Doorway pullup bar requires support from the backside of the door too.

Which makes it perfect for college dorms or other temporary living quarters. Pull-up bar wont fit well if there is a wall adjacent to the door. Stand below the bar where your hands can easily reach the handles if you try.

Mark on your frame where the holes should be drilled. Subscribe to my channel. Build Your Pull Up Bar.

Stand Straight First you need to stand straight with your feet and shoulders a width apart from one another. This is a really simple DIY video to ease us in to the new year. After you have these measurements you can get ready to purchase a doorway pull up bar of your choice.

Find the spot on the wall where you would want the hook on your pull up bar to rest. This free standing pull-up bar is made as a single verticle frame. The backside of the door frame.

Simply hold your pull up bar up in the doorway as if you were going to mount it like normal. Hold one ceiling fan hanger against one side of your door frame at the desired height. A super simple way to cover your end pieces is by using socks.

This means that although some pressure is put on the top of your trim much of the pressure from your body weight gets pressed into the sides of your trim on the opposite side. Youll need 2 posts the example uses 35 x 35 each as long as you want the frame to be tall. Use the measuring tape to make sure your pull-up bar will be level.

In this video Im showing you how to fit a pull-up bar in a doorway. 2- Choose a product with protective pads. The supports for this are made of several shorter pieces fitted diagonally at the bottom as well as supports to stabilize the base.

Pipe wrenches a set of sockets mainly need a ¼ hammer drill ¼ drill bit tape measure pencil a level two 90-degree pipe elbows three 1 pipesone is 48 long and two bars that are 16 longwall flanges nuts bolts. This is a tutorial on how to make a doorway pull-up bar that does not require holes in any door frames or walls to mount it. Want to build a Pull Up Bar that mounts to door frame.

You will want to start by constructing the base and then attaching the horizontal bar. Does your door frame have extraordinary thickness. Grab an old pair of socks slip them over the end pieces and your set to go.

Doorway pull up bars are designed so that your bodyweight gets distributed among all points of contact of the pull up bar. It pushes against the door at two different points when weight is applied to safely wedge itself into the frame without the use of screws or bolts. Use the ¼-inch drill bit to drill all four holes.

Finally test the bar to make sure it is stable and secure before using it. If you scroll to the. This is an easy self standing pull up bar you can build at home for under 40You can use the below link for some written instructions.

Make sure its not more than 8 inches. After spending a little over 5o at Home Depot a few years ago this do-it-yourselfer was able to make a pull-up bar that was mounted onto the ceiling of his garage. The last measurement you should record should be from the bottom of the door frame to the top of the trim.

Repeat on the other side. Ultrasport 2-Way Pull-Up Bar Individually Adjustable to Doors with a Width of 63 – 93 cmPull-Up Bar made of Sturdy Ste. Doing so will prevent any black scuffing and paint chipping on the sides of your door trim.

This video shows how I built a Pull Up Bar from PVC. The end pieces of your pull up bar simply need to be covered with nonabrasive material to protect your trim.

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