How To Mount Pull Up Bar Wall Studs

We patented our bar to bracket mounting system which is where other bars fall short. You could accomplish this same set up going above or below the rafters depending.

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Here is a clean garage pull up bar install from our patient customer Todd.

How to mount pull up bar wall studs. Full instructions all mounting hardware are included. While its still typically slightly better to install it on the ceiling Ive had no issues with this bar being wall mounted. Stud Bar is a gym-quality welded 14 gauge steel bomb proof pull up bar.

Find the two studs using a stud finder or the hammer technique. The included mounting hardware will allow you to safely and securely mount your pull up bar to the existing studs of a ceiling or wall. You can securely mount the Stud Bar to your wooden ceiling or wall studs using the mounting hardware included with your purchase.

Drive lag bolts into studs using an electric drill. The Stud Bar has a Hammertone powder coated finish and a lifetime. Once installed Stud Bar connects to your studs creating a square which actually increases the strength of your studs by connecting them through the brackets and bar.

I decided to wall-mount the pull-up bar because my ceiling studs were facing the wrong direction for where I wanted to hang it to have room to do things like leg lifts and attach exercise bands to it. The bolts go into the wall horizontally but the weight of your body pulls. The Stud Bar the original ceiling or wall mountable pull up bar is made of welded 14 gauge steel with triangular gussets for added strength.

Important Drill deep pilot holes for lag bolts. Be sure that there is a stud on each side of each of the two pull up bar attachment points which will likely require attaching the board to three studs. The second method were going to talk about is the wall-mounted pull-up bar.

Can be mounted to wall studs floorceiling joists concrete walls or even metal studs. New Used 4 from 7745 FREE Shipping. Review of the Stud Bar Pull-up Bar Wall or Ceiling Mounted Pull-up Bar Watch later.

Mark the ends of the inside of the ends of your pull up bar with a pencil for future reference. His stud spacing was not 16 on center as you can see he solved his spacing issue by stringing 4 studs above and across his 2X6 rafters. Find the spot on the wall where you would want the hook on your pull up bar to rest.

Do not drive or over torque lag bolts by hand using a ratchet. Installation instructions for Stud Bar pull up bars into wood studs. This pull up bar is designed to be mounted directly to solid wood wall studs measuring 16 inches apart on centers.

Review of the Stud Bar Pull-up Bar Wall or Ceiling Mounted Pull-up Bar – YouTube. Simply hold your pull up bar up in the doorway as if you were going to mount it like normal. Wall Mounted RequirementBe it concrete brick on cinder blocks you can install the bar on any of themDONT install on drywall plaster walls and cavity.

To mount the Stud Bar to metal studs you will need to purchase this hardware additionally which includes. Stud Bars 48 width allows for wide grip pull ups. A great thing about this homemade pull-up bar is the 90-degree angle between the mounting mechanism and the force you will apply to it.

And it comes in three sizes. Stud Bar Pull-up Bar CONS. Stud Bars can be installed into the wall or the ceiling and come in three different siz.

If you are unsure how to find the studs there are many videos online that illustrate both techniques. This can overtorque and break lag bolts. Electric drill drill bits metric socket set etc.

Requires tools to install eg. You will notice how solid your bar feels with no flex or unwanted movement while under load. So you can put it practically anywhere on a modern-constructed home or commercialindustrial building.

8-14 X 4 Toggle bolts for metal wall and ceiling stud. I would use a 2×6 or a 2×8 the wider 2×8 might look better and screw it to the studs with 3 8 x 3-12 screws per stud to a minimum of 2 studs. Mark the location of the studs.

Wood metal or concrete we offer hardware to mount to any surface.

If You Don T Have The Ceiling Clearance To Get A Rack With A Pull Up Or Kipping Bar Consider Pairing One Of Our Profile Garage Pull Up Bar Up Bar Pull