How To Rehab A Meniscus Injury

Work with your doctor to plan a rehabilitation rehab program that helps you regain as muchstrength and flexibility in your knee as possible. Meniscus tear is a common knee joint injury.

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Rehabbing a torn meniscus must be done with care and proper direction.

How to rehab a meniscus injury. For a stable knee the first type of therapy for a meniscus tear is to avoid activities that cause pain. Protect This means shielding your knee from any more injury. Recovery will take about 6 to 8 weeks if your meniscus tear is treated conservatively without surgery.

Surgery helps pain but is not more successful than fake surgery anti-inflammatories or exercise in most people. Non-operative rehabilitation surgery to trim out the area of torn meniscus or surgery to repair stitch together the torn meniscus. Medial meniscus tear physical therapy treatment can aim to.

In case of minor injuries one should only rest at least 2 to 3 weeks after the injury. To reduce pain and protect the knee we may recommend using crutches with a leg cuff. For most tears some simple exercises can help maintain muscle strength in the front of the thigh quadriceps back of the thigh hamstrings calf and hip.

Physiotherapists often manage to increase knees range of motion. An athlete suffers a meniscal tear the three options for treatment include. Normalize joint range of motion.

All of these areas are important for your overall leg function while your knee heals after an injury. This includes NSAIDs anti-inflammatories physical therapy and finally injections. For all others who have had surgery the rehabilitation phase takes a little longer.

Meniscus tears are the most frequently treated knee injuries. Then apply ice to your knee for 15 minutes at four-hour intervals and lift the knee above your heart. The time varies depending on.

How do I do exercise to heal my meniscus. All meniscus tears do not require surgery. The treatment chosen will depend on the location of the tear the athletes sport ligamentous stability of.

Theyre made of cartilage a tough rubbery substance. Your rehab program probably will include physicaltherapy and. Non-Operative Treatment For Meniscus Injuries.

Plyometric exercises and neuromuscular training for your knees may include. Working on plyometrics as part of your knee meniscus rehab can help minimize stress and strain around your knee when running jumping and performing cutting maneuvers during sports. Rehabilitation after meniscus injury.

Receive tips for treatment of a torn meniscus in this video on health and rehab. Partial meniscectomy affects function of the knee and will speed up the onset of degenerative osteoarthritis. What the surgery will bring over time cannot be predicted immediately.

Theyre basically shock absorbers that keep your thighbone in the upper leg from pounding on the shinbone in the lower leg. Surgery is indicated if you have mechanical symptoms such as locking. The results from the sham surgery prompted further research into non-operative treatments such as anti-inflammatories injections and rehabilitation for meniscal injuries.

Otherwise you should try conservative management first. Jump lunges Lateral plyometric hops. This takes all or some pressure away from your knee allowing the injury to heal unhampered.

Rest Again this may also mean walking with crutches. If you tear one. This helps reduce twisting or bending.

Reduce pain and inflammation. Strengthen your quad and hamstrings. How well the knee will heal and whether surgery willbe needed depends in large part on the type of tear See figure in appendix and how bad the tearis.

For meniscus tears this generally means walking with crutches.

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