How To Use A Massage Stick Roller

Avoid massaging directly over bones. To use the massage stick simply roll it over large areas of the body or for a more targeted deep tissue massage move the rollers in a circular motion over muscle knots.

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You can even use it in tight spaces such as in the car when youre on the way home from a running event.

How to use a massage stick roller. Were going to answer those questions and then take you t. Apply pressure to sore or tight areas. Take hold of the other end of the stick from behind your head.

Measuring 215 inches long the Addaday Deep Tissue Leg Massage Roller is slightly less portable than the IDSON Muscle roller Stick and other compact models. You then run it along the muscle. What exactly is this piece of kit what is it for and why use one.

How to use a massage roller stick. Pro Therapy Supplies located in the Atlanta metro area is an authorized dealer for The Stick massage products. These revolutionary massagers are highly eff.

What is a massage stick or roller. Lets bring out the foam roller. A massage roller is a handheld massage device used to break up obstructed muscle tissue which helps blood flow and helps facilitate the healing response.

To maximize your flexibility and reduce risk of injury use the stick. The most common is the massage stick usually covered in plastic rubber or foam gears or wheels for increased massage precision. Massage rollers can come in many shapes and sizes.

You press the stick against a body part like the thigh and add pressure. With each pass gently press deeper into the muscle. Hold the massage stick in one hand and place the flat part of the stick against your neck.

Elite massage stick promotes efficiency where it requires you to roll over the affected body regions in 5 minutes. IDSON Muscle Roller Massage Stick for Relief Muscle Soreness Cramping Tightness adhesions scar tissue spasmsBuy it HERE. Tilt your head down towards the opposite shoulder and roll the stick up and down your neck.

This allows it to glide smoothly across your body while conforming to shape slightly. Massage each muscle group 10-20 seconds. The roller stick can also be used in between the workout sessions for instanceyou can relax your quads in a break after a long run.

You dont need any special training to use a massage roller or stick. Elite Massage Muscle Roller Stick View It on Amazon Elite Massage stick comes in a unique design that targets sore and tight muscles while also preventing cramps. Always follow muscle paths.

The most effective time to use a muscle roller stick is just before a work out session or immediately after one. If your stick has handles simply take hold of them and start moving it over your body. The stick is comprised of a bar with rollers about 1 inch thick attached.

While a regular foam roller usually requires you to lie on the ground to use it a muscle stick can also be used standing sitting kneeling or crouching.

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