How To Write A Bio For Your First Book

Avoid wasting space on mundane details like where you live or how many animals you have unless its relevant to the subject matter of the book. Make it professional but you also need to convey personality and writing style.

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If you are an author probably you will want an author bio.

How to write a bio for your first book. If your book is melodramatic add a little melodrama. You are by no means obligated to include any or all of these details. In general your bio should include these four elements.

Write your bio in first person for query letters third person for most other purposes including proposals book jackets article bylines. Start with a one-liner. Writing a book takes time so dont get discouraged if you feel like youre not getting anywhere at first.

What gives you credibility. Dont try too hard to be funny but include something that makes you seem like a real person. This is the place to mention your qualifications for writing the book and also to include a website address.

But dont publishers write author bios. Tailor your bio to your genre target audience and the individual book its for. Your outline should include descriptions of major events and characters in your story.

If youve never been published before it might be challenging to come up with things to list in your bio. What you include should focus on who you are as a writer not what youd share in your. Start with an opening byline.

Aim for a bio of 60-90 words in length. Start with an opening byline. State the theme of your work.

You should include your name relevant accomplishments and a call to action in your authors bio. An author bio whether youre writing fiction or nonfiction should focus on why youre the best person to write this book because that in turn will tell us that a you know what youre talking about and b youve written a book that people will want to read. Dont sabotage it with self-congratulatory adjectives and boastful sentences.

But if you rely on your publisher to write your author bio for you it may end up something like this. The only rule for an author bio and its more of a guideline is to make sure you are writing an author bio. Write an interesting opening line that incorporates your name your profession generally relevant for non-fiction titles and the title of your book.

Include a personal touch. Once you know what you want to write about outline the plot or structure of your book so you have something to refer to as you write. An authors bio is akin to an elevator pitch an interesting summary of your life and how it relates to the book.

Lets take a closer look. This brief statement shares your credentials education past publications and other qualifications. Dont sound pompous Your books author bio is not an ad.

In theory the perfect author bio has a brief overview of the authors education formal or informal reputable publishing credits and awards and publishingwriting affiliations. Keep a cover bio short and sweet and related to the book. Write it in third person Refer to yourself in your bio in the third personas he or she not I Even if the book was written in first person your author bio should not be.

Can it be entertaining. When you submit stories poems and articles to print publications most will ask for a short autobiography. Tony Cliff is the author of Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant.

How to write an author bio. After you make an outline come up with a writing schedule like writing 300 words per day and try your best to stick with it. If your book is humorous inject humor.

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