Is It Okay For Adults To Read Children's Books

If you want to raise a kid with broad horizons and good writing skills encourage said kid to read books that offer diverse perspectives explore deeper themes and resonate. From picture books to graphic novels fantasy to family fun these must-read books have the power to hook kids of any gender.

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Have taken note and have begun incorporating more nonfiction books into their lessons.

Is it okay for adults to read children's books. While there are certainly stories designed solely for young minds that most adults will find a bit tedious most adults presumably already know that very hungry caterpillars become very beautiful butterflies many of the books that are designated for children are actually fine stories that are appropriate for kids. That means adults can enjoy them just as much. Theyll look down on you for the clothes you wear the food you.

Today grown-ups brandish their copies of teen novels. Some are cultural touchstones that belong in every kids library. The thing that annoyed me is an article in Slate called Against YA.

The once-unseemly notion that its acceptable for not-young adults to read young-adult fiction is now conventional wisdom. I find it telling. The podcast takes a critical look at the industry while interviewing diverse authors and celebrating their work.

Its a great work of art when you write to children because most authors will have in mind that adults will read it as well. Talking About Books for Kids has a special focus on highlighting diversity or discussing lack thereof in childrens publishing. The writers main gripe is that an increasing amount of people grown-up people are reading John Green and Stephen Chbosky and Gayle Forman and not feeling ashamed.

Should young adult YA or teen fiction be a separate category carefully marked out from general childrens literature so that no child reads anything thats not appropriate for their age or. But while the publishing industry markets these books primarily to young adults thats not always who reads them. Once upon a time it would have been shameful for adults to read books written for teenagers never mind admitting that publicly but nowadays it has become so.

It is adults the study finds that prefer fiction. Some people judge adults who read childrens books but some people are overly judgmental. But then its more than that.

Others open kids minds to cultures beyond their own. Many school districts in the US. Do you think its fine for adults.

Why adults shouldnt be embarrassed to read childrens books Teen author and fully grown adult Non Pratt is a proud reader of teen and YA lit heres why. As adults we forget to believe in our imaginary worlds. Yes you read that right.

Childrens laureate Malorie Blackman agrees. Though the book was originally published long before iPhones and Androids an app featuring the book is now available in the app store and has additional activities for kids or adults. This podcast is for you if youre an adult looking to more fully engage with childrens literature.

WH Auden wrote in an essay on Lewis Carroll. The idea makes sense. I think what childrens books make you believe is that anything is possible if you put your heart and mind to it.

Yes childrens books are for entertainment purpose. It made me angry. But there are still things in our subconscious that get awakened when we read childrens books.

Never underestimate the power of childrens literature. There are good books which are only for adults because their comprehension presupposes adult experiences but there are no good books. Maybe for the younger children these books are made for them as some Why All Adults Should Read Childrens Books.

Call me biased she says but I find the standard of storytelling in childrens books and books for young adults second to none. And some are recent releases that have the timeless quality of classics — the kind that get handed down. In fact a 2015 paper published by psychologists Jennifer Barnes Emily Bernstein and Paul Bloom finds that children prefer nonfiction over fantasy.

The Goosebumps books are written for children but theres no reason adults cant read them. This is a great step. Adults should be embarrassed to read childrens books.

Approximately 55 percent of todays YA readers are adults.

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