Is Vitamin C Safe For Cats

I Vitamin C is essential to growth development and a strong immune system in both cats and people. Can I Give My Cat Vitamin C.

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Pet-Tinic Liquid Vitamin-Mineral Dog Cat Supplement is also crafted with a yummy meat flavor and boasts vitamins B-6 B-12 and iron.

Is vitamin c safe for cats. Huge variety of supplement deals. Get the lowest supplement prices at Muscle Strength. It may be however that at certain times vitamin C could be conditionally essential for a cat such as during times of extreme stress or illness.

If you note any of the FLUID symptoms we have noted visit for a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment. In dogs and cats ascorbic acid is manufactured in the liver and normally does not need to be supplemented. We Support Healthy Digestion of Cat Food and Encourage Higher Energy Levels.

Ad Nutra Thrive For Cats by Ultimate Pet Nutrition. Vitamin C And Cats. So why do some think it could be bad for cats.

The truth is though that while cats are mammals and similar to humans in many ways cats and humans do have their differences. On the issue of vitamin c for cats with struvite crystals although it was initially used a urine acidifier for cats with struvite stones there are specialized diets that perform this role. For picky cats consider Vetoquinol Felovite II Oral Gel Vitamin Mineral Cat Supplement.

House cats synthesize their own vitamin C. As long as you are feeding your cat a premium cat food theyre getting everything that they need and you dont have to worry about giving them extra doses of vitamin C in any form. Many pet owners reach for vitamin C thinking it will help stave off cancer or prevent bladder stones or other diseases.

For humans supplementation may work but vitamin C in felines is a different story. One of those differences is in the way certain vitamins and nutrients are metabolized. In addition to helping deter hip dysplasia and joint inflammation and fighting cancer in cats vitamin C is also recommended and has been used for protection against heart disease and respiratory issues.

Vitamin C supplementation may be necessary for cats with liver dysfunction. Cats also need minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Liver disease is an example of when cats and dogs may need additional vitamin C since the levels of vitamin C in the body may decrease.

Therefore we can conclude that vitamin c is good for cats but does not need to be supplemented unless for the reasons we have stated. Do not opt for home remedies as you may not know what exactly caused the UTI. In its purest form ascorbic acid it acts as an acidifier of pH in the body.

A cats body requires a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals to function optimally. We Support Healthy Digestion of Cat Food and Encourage Higher Energy Levels. As an antioxidant it also helps support joints bones and the immune system.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C is said to be good for people so why not cats as well. Ascorbic acid also called Vitamin C is a naturally occurring substance that is important in the formation of collagen in dogs and cats.

Ascorbic acid is manufactured by most animals except for some birds fish guinea pigs fruit bats and primates and humans. Vitamin C is great and perhaps using 500 mill twice a day would acidify the urine better than just once a day. Ad Save on supplements earn rewards read customer reviews at Muscle Strength.

Please be sure to check the box for blood and see if she is straining to urininate. So no a cat does not need vitamin C. Unfortunately no studies have shown this to be the case in cats and dogs and sometimes can make things worse.

They had been told that Dogs and Cats DONT need additional Vitamin C or that the Vitamin C was harming their pet So what is the deal with Vitamin C. Ad Nutra Thrive For Cats by Ultimate Pet Nutrition. Stress can be emotional or physical like relocation or getting.

Vitamin C is the bodys primary water-soluble antioxidant which makes it an important weapon in the immune systems arsenal against bacteria and viruses. Felines also require water-soluble vitamins from the Vitamin B family. When given to healthy cats its an antioxidant that attacks free radicals.

It leads to UTIs and they are so painful and if not treated can be very critical especially for male cats. As the body is subjected to more and more stress the more it needs help with vitamin C supplementation to restore the balance. On Vitamin C as a supplement.

Conclusion Whereas your feline friend might not require ascorbic acid he or she needs other nutrients including minerals fatty acids proteins other vitamins and water. Vitamins A D E and K are essential fat-soluble vitamins required by cats. As a human you must get it from the foods you eat and perhaps even from supplements.

Your vet can determine if and when additional vitamin C is required for your cat. Hi Cora PLEASE NEVER USE DRY FOOD. Everyone knows to take vitamin C for overall health and well being.

This tuna-flavored gel contains taurine and is designed to be lapped upyou can dab it right on your kittys nose or paws. Instead of potentially oversupplementing and causing harm you should focus on providing healthy natural antioxidants through fruits and vegetables treats for your pet. These should always be found in a cats food.