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What Is Spread Betting?

I started my journey focused on growth because I still had plenty of time in the market. There informative post are definitely benefits of dividend stocks and dividend stocks can definitely perform well as sell. I have plenty of dividend stocks as I head into retirement again. It’s just good to know where you’re coming from so we have a better idea. Unfortunately, in Belgium, dividend stocks aren’t really interesting. It’s much more interesting to invest in accumulating trackers or stocks that don’t payout but rather reinvest their profit.

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I thoroughly agree with you on investing in growth stocks and looking for higher reward names while you are younger. I’ve found that there is a dividend investing bubble with so many people who are not financially independent pontificating why dividend investing is the greatest strategy on earth. I just don’t think it’s going to help those who want to reach financial independence before the traditional retirement age.

I’ll give you a hint its $1.6MM and the portfolio is spitting off $100,000/year without ever selling a share. If you have a shorter time horizon or you want to live your life like a Lil’ Wayne music video, the whole thing is more difficult. Since we have a hard time with basic math lets use Laquinta Growth’s friend as a working example. I dont know what part of the world you all live in but that is already substantially higher than the average household income. I appreciate your argument about how certain dividend stocks will never be able to to match the returns of high growth stocks such as Tesla. I used to think the same way you do about a stodgy stock such as AT&T .