Vitamin C For Cats With Crystals

Healthy nutrients such as vitamin C and cranberry work to acidify the urine and prevent the buildup of certain crystals. Crystalluria in cats with anatomically and functionally normal urinary tracts is usually harmless because the crystals are eliminated before they grow large enough to interfere with normal urinary function.

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Urinalysis testing for crystals can help identify other pets that may not be considered high risk.

Vitamin c for cats with crystals. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Everyone knows to take vitamin C for overall health and well being. This product helps to discourage crystal production has added glucosamine to strengthen the urethral lining has added cranberry extract for antioxidants and vitamin C for added urinary health.

In fact a number of studies show that it may actually be harmful. It leads to UTIs and they are so painful and if not treated can be very critical especially for male cats. They are gentle enough to use everyday for cats that tend to have bladder issues especially older cats but are strong enough to dissolve cats bladder crystals quickly and completely.

Vitamin C supplementation may be necessary for cats with liver dysfunction. Please be sure to check the box for blood and see if she is straining to urininate. Learn more about symptoms and treatment of the condition below.

Since then my other cat has started having problems. You can easily add a few drops to your cats food each day and aid in the protection against urinary crystals. Vitamin C is great and perhaps using 500 mill twice a day would acidify the urine better than just once a day.

On the issue of vitamin c for cats with struvite crystals although it was initially used a urine acidifier for cats with struvite stones there are specialized diets that perform this role. Hi Cora PLEASE NEVER USE DRY FOOD. In ad- dition vitamin C is an antioxidant and can stimulate immune system.

You might be able to give them in the form of a multivitamin treat but it might be necessary to administer vitamin C in the form of a pill. As an antioxidant it also helps support joints bones and the immune system. However consult your vet before introducing any vitamin supplements to your cats diet.

I put him on vitamin C so I could keep him on his regular food but help acidify his urine. In some cats a deficiency of Vitamin B-6 and Vitamin C contributes to the formation of bladder crystals. The one SPECIFIC case you shouldnt use it is for Calcium Oxalate Stones in dogs and cats.

Vitamin C is a great therapeutic addition to veterinary treatment. Note that if your feline friend is predisposed to urinary stones or crystals he or she may not be given ascorbic acid. This drug medi- cation can prevent lower urinary tract infec- tions and other diseases.

BUTIn a few select diseases you SHOULDNT use Vitamin C Most of the time and for most pets it is a GREAT supplement. Vitamin C And Cats. Use a Whole Food Vitamin C for ongoing in meals.

Set of 1 Sodium Ascorbate vitamin c crystals 100gm DISSOLUBLE in liquid. Talk to your vet about an appropriate dose and then give your cat vitamin C supplements according to your vets recommendation. He doesnt have any stones and is doing great on the vitamin c.

In fact my dog Lewis gets a combination supplement that includes Vitamin C. According to the Cornell Book of Cats unless there is a high metabolic need or inadequate synthesis then supplements of vitamin C are not necessary. Multiple testing is recommended especially during supplementation because the urine concentration of crystals can vary with water consumption and kidney excretion patterns.

Last stage cancer for pet FIP FeLV etc. He is on vitamin C now and although he still has crystals they are by far way less than what we originally flushed from his bladder. Adding Crystal-C to your pets food and maybe rubbing a little on their gums will prevent gingivitis and other gum diseaseThis buffered form of vitamin C.

So why do some think it could be bad for cats. If yours is a candidate your vet may recommend intravenous tablets gels or liquid vitamin C for cats and so on. You dont see too many cats craving oranges for example.

These are an UNUSUAL type of crystal which form. In its purest form ascorbic acid it acts as an acidifier of pH in the body. Since struvite crystals are relatively solu- ble in acidic urine it is expected that with the injection of vitamin C in cats crystals could be dissolved in a short period of time.

This makes sense since the natural diet of a cat would not include vitamin C intake or at least not in large quantities. Even so they represent a risk factor for kidney stones. If you note any of the FLUID symptoms we have noted visit for a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

If you decide to continue to give your cat a natural remedy to promote healthy urine flow make sure your cat is eating a good diet. A high quality canned food especially one that is formulated for urinary tract health will have all of the vitamins your cat. When given to healthy cats its an antioxidant that attacks free radicals.

Your vet will evaluate your pet before deciding on whether your cats needs vitamin C supplemented or not. Unfortunately most processed commercial pet foods by nature of their preparation methods are stripped of essential plant nutrients.