What Questions To Ask About A Book

Book Club Discussion Questions for Fiction. Did you have to force yourself to get through it or were you unable to put it down.

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What do you wish was different about the ending.

What questions to ask about a book. Would you agree or disagree with that based on this book. Do You Have Existing Material You Can Use. Would you like more time to read books.

Dont make judgment calls about the authors faith intelligence relationships parenting skills parentage or whatever. However by choosing 2 or 3 of the questions to ask your child before during and after the. Whos your favorite character and why.

Why do you think the author wrote this book. Is it possible that you have existing material from speeches presentations or white papers that you can use in the book. It is not expected that you ask every question every time they read a book to you.

How well do you think the author built the world in the book. In general do you think books are better or worse now than they used to be. How many books do you read a month.

What was your favorite part of the book. Who writes book reviews and why. What was your favorite book when you were a child.

How did the book make you feel. Would the book make a cool movie. Should this book come with any content warnings.

Can you feature the book on a website or in speaking opportunities. Did this book seem realistic. Everyone who has written a book or tried to knows how much work it takes.

Are you glad you read it. Did the characters seem believable to you. Book reports are all about explaining topical details and the storyline of the book.

What moments in the novel have made you decide you like or dislike it so far. Its important you think about how you will use the book and promote it once its completed. Did the problem of the books plot get solved.

Those writing this type of assignment are to present biographical information about the author of the book year of birth marital status hisher education and worldview etc. Were you amused upset bored angry intrigued. Who was your favorite character.

You could also phrase this question as. Would you have ended the book differently. Those that outline make a lot of decisions before writing the first daft and those that jump into the first draft make a lot of decisions while writing.

Do you prefer old books or new ones. Some Questions to ask about a book Here are some questions that may help you to support your childrens reading and enjoyment of the stories that they choose. In what time and place is the book set.

Focus on the writing on the treatment of the topic on the characters on the storyline on the research on the facts and so on. Did it end the way you thought it would. Did the books pace seem too fasttoo slowjust right.

Which characters would you like to meet in real life. Do you like to write reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. These are good questions to ask about a book as a basic starting point and where you should always begin.

What is the book about. What was the most interesting thing you learned from the book. Here are five questions to ask your child the next time he or she finishes a book.

A good review is about the book not the author. Who is the intended audience of the book. The book club questions below can guide your group through a meaningful discussion about almost any book.

After your child has finished a book ask questions like. Can you make a connection between whats happening in this book and something in your own life We want kids to make these powerful connections to their world because it helps them to better understand whats happening around them says Milby. Whats your favorite book cover.

Some people think the first sentence of a novel is the most important. What genre does this book fit into. Answer These 12 Questions Before Beginning to Write a Book and Gain Some Clarity.

Generic Book Club Questions. If you could give the book another title what would it be. Is the book appropriate for that audience.